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I'm a horse-crazy aspiring author, still looking for a hint about how this wacky world keeps afloat. On top of that, I'm an algiophobe, as well as a literary phantast.

I live in a mid-sized American city, where I eat, sleep, read, write, and daydream...among other things.

I'm also in love with a gay boy. And my best guy friend. Go figure.
Don't worry. I'm over it. At least, I think I am...Kidding. Totally kidding.

 † [][][][][][] †   I'm
† -----[]----- † Not Embarrassed
† -----[]----- † To Tell
† -----[]----- † Others That
† -----[]----- † I'm
† -----[]----- † A Christian!

Fins ara! 


Updated --- 09.13.2011

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