Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is such a waste. It's not even really about being thankful for anything. Well, maybe Turkey. And Pilgrim figurines. But that's about it. Really, when you think about it, it's just a good excuse to get out of school. Yay, the Indians helped the Puritans bring down a wrinkly old bird. It was already having a bad hair - feather? - day. Did they really have to kill it? And to think, Good Old Franklin actually considered making the turkey our national symbol. Ick.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

About Me...

I am a total bookworm. Without books, my life would be incomplete.
Sometimes I get on this weird book-withdrawl thing. I get all grouchy and humbugish. I swear to gosh, it's worse than PMS.
Every once in a while, I dream in various shades of green. Weird, huh?
I hate milk. Apparently, I loved it when I was little. Then I woke up one morning and BOOM I hated it.
My favorite color is red. It has been ever since I picked the red ballon off my first birthday cake.
I am one of the few girls that isn't looking forward to her sixteenth birthday. I just don't understand what the big deal is. You might get a car, big whoop. Can you say pollution?
I'm all green, all the way. It drives me crazy if someone doesn't recycle and I hate it when my dad refuses to turn off the laundry room light.
If you want to annoy the crud out of me, poke me repeatedly. But do so at your own risk. You have been warned.
I have to wear socks to bed. Otherwise, my feet get cold and I cannot go to sleep. Believe me, I've tried.
When I was about two, I actually wanted to marry my dog. No kidding.
My favorite movie, to this day, is still the animated version of 101 Dalmatians. Alright, make fun. But that won't keep me from loving it in all its adorable, cheesy spottiness.
I hate my eyes. They aren't really one color. They're blue on the outside, then green on the inside, streaked with brown amidst the green, with a greyish tint all over. Sometimes they even look yellow. Lots of times, I feel like God just couldn't make up his mind, so he just splashed some junk together for the heck of it. Lucky me. I had to be the one that God went all Picasso with.
I'm a nature girl. I love Mother Earth and natural beauty - even when it irritates my allergies.
I am addicted to ice cream. I can eat half a gallon in one night. I'm serious. No joke. My dad'll come in to get some and he's all where's the ice cream? I just bought it.
I collect piggy banks. And yet I never put anything in them.
Forest green freaks me out. It just looks so sinister and creepy. Eeek.
I used to have this Cruella De Vil phobia thing going on. I couldn't even sleep. The only thing that would help would be if my dad went and got my Tigger plush. Yes, I know. But I was four. I thought stuffed animals could fix anything.
My first crush was on a horse. I've always said that I fall in love with horses, not people. I don't know how my future husband is gonna feel about that, but, then again, I might never get one, so who's complaining?
Numbers have personality for me. It's like a numerical soap opera stuck in my head. For example, 6 likes 7, and 7 likes her too, but 8 likes 7, so she hates 6, while 9 is madly in love with 8, who won't give him the time of day. And you wondered why I was so bad at math.
I hate shopping. Why spend your time looking at something as useless as clothes when you could be enriching your mind, educating yourself, with a good book? Beats me.
I have mouse handwriting. It's so tiny. My dad practically needs a magnifying glass to read it.
I don't like Romeo and Juliet. It's not a tale of true love. It's about infatuation and teenage hormones. How romantic.
I love to cook desserts. Forget about fixing anything else. Just desserts.
I have a neverending pile of bookmarks on my nightstand. Gotta love the funky bookmarks.
I don't hate gravy. I dislike it with a vengance.
I twist my shoelaces constantly. What can I say? It's a nervous habit.
Life is my own personal roller coaster ride. The only one I'm not completely, totally scarced of.

The End...for now =)

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