Sunday, February 27, 2011

He Just Had To Ask...

I’ve never been a fan of cars, so, usually, when I want to go somewhere, I either do without and forget or I walk. (I used to ride my bike around some, only then I outgrew it. The bike, that is.) But it’s not as if walking is some sort of regimental stipulation for life. I don’t walk just to walk. That’s just...stupid. Why in the heck would you do something just for the sake of doing it? I don’t even do that when I read a book. I do it because I love to read, lose myself in some other world for a while. There has to be some sort of reasoning behind it, otherwise, there’s no point to it. Z doesn’t seem to get this concept.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Possum On The Side Of The Road

Honestly, I'm a little superstitious. It's not as if I'm that way about everything...just some things. But, well, my little quirks and other customarily incorporeal palisades aren't of the, err, usual variety. Par exemple, when I put something in the microwave, I always make sure that the time I punch in is a multiple of six (it's my favorite number). If that doesn't work out, or I think one of the six multiples I want to put in might be either not enough or too much time, I put it in flat-out minutes. Similarly, when I turn up the volume on the TV, it always has to be on an even number. I keep pennies in all four corners of my bedroom, blow a kiss to every cardinal that comes my way, and I've always made sure that I never sit directly in front of the table corner, even if it's really crowded and there's nowhere else for me to sit (personally, I'd rather stand). Why am I telling you this? Well, there're a couple of reasons. For now, though, don't fret too much over it. It'll all start fitting together in just a bit. You'll see.

Monday, February 14, 2011

To The Birds

Yes, yes. I know. Most people are, at the very least, vaguely excited by V-Day. But I'm not gonna lie. If I had my way, it wouldn't exist. Not around me. I don't really care what you do with your own time. That's your business. But just please, please don't take up mine with your sentimental. I'm not interested. Not even a little bit. I don't want any cards, chocolates, kisses...nothing. Just some peace and quiet. That's all I ask.

Honestly, I just don't get the whole Valentine's thing. Like, all of these girls are running around, twisting their boyfriends round and round their pinkies, and there's hearts everywhere. It's freakin' nuts.

And, my fellow females honestly think that guys really care about you, just because they get you something for ChocDay (as I call it)? That what they get you is an accurate representation of how they feel towards you? 'Cause that's just ridiculous.

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