Monday, September 27, 2010

Let The Joust Begin!

I know not all of you - if any - have actually watched Merlin, but I thought it would fun to see which "couple" you liked best anyway. So, here goes.

And the nominees are...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nice Weather, Isn't It?

I hate Kentucky weather. Or, rather, I hate Kentucky weather in September.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here we have a strawberry. A simple, seemingly ordinary strawberry. This is what happens when you abuse said strawberry...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh Oh Oh...It's Magic!

Okay, so I'm really happy today. You know why? Well, of course not. Otherwise I wouldn't be asking now, would I? I got to watch my favorite show!


Haven't heard of it? Well, you need to.

Ah, just kidding. I didn't even know it existed until the seventh episode of the first season, "The Gates of Avalon." So don't feel too bad for missing it. Hehe.

Colin Morgan

I know this isn't really a Merlin picture, but he just looked so cute in this one. I couldn't resist!

Obviously, Colin plays Merlin, the protagonist of the show - but this is Merlin as you've never seen him before. This time around, he's young and intriguing. Of course, it certainly helps that Colin's got the whole Euro charm down pat. Par exemple, he's actually a pretty good actor. He's been in a number of Young Vic adaptations, and he also played Jethro Cane on Doctor Who. And he's Irish! What more could you want?

Case in point:

Note: Merlin is a British TV show, a unique Arthurian adaptation produced by The Four J's - Johnny Capps, Julian Jones, Jake Michie, and Julian Murphy. The series first aired on the UK's BBC channel in September of 2008, and has been going strong ever since. A year later, NBC picked up the show as well, and "the peacock network" reaped the benefits of modern Camelot for two seasons, until the British drama's abrupt cancellation following the season two finale. Thankfully, Syfy decided to pick up where their overloaded fellow had left off, and Merlin was awarded Friday's ten o'clock time slot (ET). Even now, as the third season approaches in the UK, the young sorcerer continues to gain popularity. Morgan's magical adventures are broadcasted globally, from New Brunswick to Malaysia.

* * *

You can watch the first episodes for free at IMDb /Fancast, or you can buy the whole first season at Amazon and see them whenever you want.

Also, check out Merlin's official website for pictures, games, series updates, trivia, exclusive interviews, and more!

Merlie Newbies: If you want to see how it was in the very beginning, go to the NBC's old site to see info on the creation of the show, episode guides, repcaps, photo galleries, and so on.

Updated --- 2.28.2011

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's Me - In The Flesh! Er, Web.


Okay, so I know I haven't been on for awhile...things have been kind of hectic lately. I know Biffs said junior year was a pile of stressful buck, but still. I didn't think it would be this bad.

Anyways, so this weekend I went to a writing conference. I'm not gonna tell you where it was, because even though I don't think anyone but my friends reads this, there's always the chance that some random pedophile will come shopping, so...yeah. I'm gonna play it safe.

Back to the conference: It was actually really fun. Even if Sunny and I were the only ones who could come on Saturday. But on Sunday five of the other girls came, and we read our pieces up in the Al--- Room. And I didn't faint. To Whom It May Concern: Unless you want me to either a) throw up on you or b) hate you forever, don't stare at me excessively. That is all. Mostly due to the moral support of my fellows - such as this one particular girl whose name starts with a "K" and ends with a "g". Who I just happen to call KC. Tehe. Notice the rhyme? You know who you are...

Afterward, I got to chill at the mall with J------------ and KC, with whom I made my first official trip to Sephora, Land of Grey Liner, Beige Skin, and Red Lips.

Dude. Is it bad if I just remembered that I need to turn in my AP English Vocab?

Updated --- 9.24.10

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