Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fully Aglow

Your taste the feel
of your mouth, the edging
all along your hot pink tongue it's like
burnt sugar, trembling,
Crumbling black-brown
oh so firmly
to the insides of my mouth
Yes, yes
I can taste it
I can feel it
I can

I can feel you, taste you
Bittersweet you
Against the boundaries of my insides
Ashen embers clogging up the stitches
Of the two-chambered heart
cowering beneath the sternum

But I forget it all
of it
all the hurt and all
the pain
When I see you
Your frowning eyes
And sunken corners (at the mouth of your lips)
You hold me spellbound
and nothing else matters
(in that moment)
(at least)

Nothing else matters,
is worth anything
compared to you
The light with which you shine,
the way you share that full, sure glow
with me

All because

I love you beyond reason, and that is reason enough for me

Reason enough for my heart
to drum itself aglow.

Updated --- 02.25.2012

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