Sunday, February 27, 2011

He Just Had To Ask...

I’ve never been a fan of cars, so, usually, when I want to go somewhere, I either do without and forget or I walk. (I used to ride my bike around some, only then I outgrew it. The bike, that is.) But it’s not as if walking is some sort of regimental stipulation for life. I don’t walk just to walk. That’s just...stupid. Why in the heck would you do something just for the sake of doing it? I don’t even do that when I read a book. I do it because I love to read, lose myself in some other world for a while. There has to be some sort of reasoning behind it, otherwise, there’s no point to it. Z doesn’t seem to get this concept.

Today, right after I told him I was going to walk to the park, he has to get all up in my business. ‘What’s the point in that? Why can’t you just drive yourself there? What’s up with you and walking anyway?’ Blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately for him, he caught me at a bad time, so my automatic reaction consisted of the following: ‘First off – there is a freakin’ point. I want to get out of the house. Stretch my legs. Soak in some Vitamin D. Is that too hard for your little brain to comprehend? Secondly – it’s right behind my house. I open the gate to the backyard, and I’m already there. Why would I waste my time weaving through all these wacky side streets? And, finally – as a rule, I peregrinate my way through life because, most of the time, it’s more convenient. Plus, cars are weird, dangerous contraptions with no brain and zero personality rumbling down strips of blacktop on hunks of inflated rubber. And they smell weird. Is that a good enough explanation for you? Or should I go into further detail?'

This, this right here, is all I've got left to say, dear friends: It's a good thing he's cute. Otherwise...well, it wouldn't be pretty sight. No sirree. 

Unless he bats those gasp-worthy green eyes at me...

Cheese & Rice! It's infuriating (the way I melt whenever he's around).

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