Monday, March 14, 2011

Humble Pie

You know those people who always endeavor to tilt everything in their favor, spin everything their way? Yeah, me too. Irritating, aren’t they?


By and by, it all comes down to this one little truism: at the end of the day, a girl can only take so much.
I can tolerate the occasional bout of selfishness the infrequent tetchy episodes, the bouts of cantankerous coryph√©e brand of pomposity, et cetera. Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of prima donna days. Still, this is ridiculous. The girl is all over the place. Plus, now, to make matters even worse than their customary notch of awful, Z, mon beau mec, just had to catch on. It was today, right on the phone, no less. Further corroboration in favor of My Latest Theory; videlicet, he knows me far too well. Anyways, after he finally drug it out of me (not literally, of course), I couldn’t help but sneak in a slightly derogatory remark. Voila — “She’s such a capricious soul that I’m never really sure how to react.” 

She could really use a slice of some humble pie — if you know what I mean. (If not…you’re in desperate need of some cultural enlightenment via l’Internet, mon ami.)

Updated --- 09.13.2011

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