Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When In Doubt, Go For The Amphbians!

Finally, after more than a decade, Disney has presented the public with its latest princess - Tiana. This cardinal royal sets the stage for this century's fairytale nobles. The last animated heroine to grace the silver screen was none other the fabled Anastasia, brought to poignant life through the deft craftsmanship of 20th Century Fox. Disney's last installment was the Middle Eastern Jasmine. While Jasmine was lively enough and not outright boring, she played only a small part in Disney's renowned comedy, Aladdin. As the title, and, no doubt, the plot itself suggests, the story revolved around Jasmine's romantic interest, rather than Jasmine herself. Anywho, moving on...
This wort-friendly film was inspired not only by the traditional fairy tale, but a present day childrens' novel as well.

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