Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nice Weather, Isn't It?

I hate Kentucky weather. Or, rather, I hate Kentucky weather in September.
September. It even sounds...depressing. Especially when it's lumped in with a perpetual dry spell, promptly followed by the occasional torrential downpour.

Of course, you probably don't believe me. You probably live in a nice, normal state, with your nice, normal house, and your nice, normal family. You are, most likely, content with said normalcy. I, however, much prefer basking within the diabolical chaos that is disproportionate reality. Semi-orderly chaos. Warped intentions. Distilled motivation.Whichever remit, whatever informal dispatch you see fit to label my brand of social schizophrenia.

Anyways, you people in Ohio or Indiana or Massachusetts, or wherever have no idea. No idea. Unless you've suffered through it yourself, you aren't qualified to make any assumptions. Trust me. I know.

Updated --- 3.14.2011

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