Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here we have a strawberry. A simple, seemingly ordinary strawberry. This is what happens when you abuse said strawberry...

A couple of days ago, my friend "Veronica's" dad packed her lunch. It was an...interesting experience. To say the least.

And this is what he did:

He took white bread, Butternut, most likely, so it all seemed okay. At least at first.

Then, he put peanut butter on it, which was again, okay. That's what any normal person would do, right?

So it would seem.

Here's the clincher: He stuck a whole freakin' strawberry in there! A.Whole. Freakin'. Strawberry.

Moral of the Story ---
Fathers - and yes, I am talking to you - don't stick an entire strawberry in your daughter's sandwich. Just don't. Adolescence is like brain surgery. It's painful. And it doesn't always work. No matter what the doctors say. It's just not right. Believe me. I would know. I'm the daughter of the man (see the emphasis?) who dances to Ironman menu music. Yes, I am that girl. So don't you mock my pain. Don't you dare mock me!

Updated --- 4.24.2011

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