Friday, July 30, 2010

Incomplete Sentences...

I like...the vibrant collage of color that carpets the ground below at autumn's peak.

My happiest moment was...giggling over my Culver's butterburger with my bestie, Becs, and knowing that, as long as she was there everything would be okay.And finding out that my other bestie, Nikkie, was engaged on that very same day.

Back dog's snoozing in the kitchen - and my room's probably a mess.

I regret...taking so long to learn from my mistakes.

At bedtime...I read, put on my lucky tube socks, and scribble my writing ideas all over my palms.

I am...a child of God, blessed with friends, family, and a blissful abundance of books.

What annoys the way my hair ducks out on the sides. It looks like I have wings.

People...usually don't understand me.

A mother...gave you life, gave you love, before she even held you in her arms. Hers is a love that keeps on giving.

I dancing in the rain, right in the sidewalk's stream.

My greatest fear is...possums. And people staring at me excessively.

When I was a child...I made little "books" out of looseleaf printer papaer and this little mini stapler my mom got me once.

I suffer...every time my mom tries to take me shopping.

I Suduko. Every time. I rock at Dots, though. If I do say so myself.

Guys...can only think with one side of their brain at a time.

I need...another bookshelf. And some more gel ink pens.

I hate...Bible-thumpers, root beer, and salads. They make me feel like a rabbit.

I go to...Joseph-Beth's almost every weekend.

My actually pretty cool.

I wish...I had something to wish for.

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